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Current Issue

January-March 2019| Vol 8| Issue 1

Review Article

Surgical strategies to reduce recurrence in Crohn's disease

Almost from the time of initial description of Crohn's disease 85 years ago, it has been known that surgical resection is not curative. The disease invariably recurs. Over this period of time, num...

Original Article

Evaluating the efficacy of biofeedback for chronic constipation using the constipation severity instrument and constipation-related quality of life measure

Background: Many studies have described using biofeedback to treat chronic constipation, but few reports have addressed its impact on quality of life (QOL). Objective: The aim was to e...

Original Article

Outcomes in cecal volvulus: Does age affect outcomes in patients who undergo surgery?

Background: Colonic volvulus is a rare cause of bowel obstruction with an incidence of 2%–10%. Cecal volvulus accounts for 10%–40% of cases, with a mean age of 53 ...

Original Article

Right versus left Colon cancer: Is there a difference in outcomes?

Background: Colorectal cancer is a major healthcare problem due to its high prevalence and mortality rates. Objective: The objective of the study is to delineate the relationship betwe...





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